Gregg Hutchins - Drums 
Musician, producer and syndicated radio host.
Gregg was the drummer for Country Music Hall of Fame member Jean Shepard and performed on the Grand Ole Opry with her for over 18 years and two years with Grand Ole Opry Star Billy Walker. He produced and played on Cash Box Christian Country Song of there year "Adam's Side." He has been the morning show host for 21 years on Singing News radio Network and received numerous awards. Gary and Gregg have known each other from the Opry and played many shows together over the years.  



Rex Clem - Bass

Rex has worked with many country music legends and played on countless Nashville Recording sessions.  When he was 20 years old he went on his first tour with Tommy Cash, the brother of Johnny Cash. He also worked with the great Bobby Helms who of course had the Christmas favorite Jingle Bell Rock. Gary and Rex have played music together since they were in high school and share a book full of memories with a band they played together in for 13 years. Memories are continuing to be made as they play some amazing venues a theaters across the county. 


Glen Dickerson - Guitar

Glen Dickerson played guitar on the Grand Ole Opry for over 2 decades. Beginning in 1990 he worked most frequently with the country legend, (and CMA Hall of Fame member) Jean Shepard. Glen has played on numerous TV spots and recording sessions. However, most weekends you would find him playing guitar on WSM's Grand Old Opry. In his 25 years of association with the Opry he has performed with and alongside the legends of county music was well as many of the new hit-makers of the day.  Glen is staff guitarist on, "Sunday Morning Country" held each year at the Grand Ole Opry.  He is also a music producer, and studio musician. Gary and Glen have known each other for over two decades. Glen has been working and touring with the "FOR THE LOVE OF CASH" show for since 2017.