The Fireballs

Who is Gary West?  What does he really sound like?  This is Gary West and The Fireballs.  Original music in the classic country style with a flare. Rockabilly, Country, Americana, Folk Rock with a little Cash, Waylon, Jerry Lee and Elvis influence. Mix that up and drink it down.. 

Gary West and The Fireballs was formed out of Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN. This is a fun band that plays classic country with a flare! Seldom do you see a horns and a steel guitar on the same stage. There is never a dull moment when the Fireballs light up! Original music and classic's from Waylon, Cash, Jones, Buck and Merle. Many of the songs you will enjoy the unique Fireball versions. The Fireballs are made up of some of Minnesota's top musicians! This is where music lives ,in the hearts of men that create a new sound and songs that remerge the past. 

IF you wanna see Gary West at his best.. check out Gary West and the Fireballs! Creating Cool.....

For Booking call  615-830-1900